Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics

by Heartstopper

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You never take my advice Even though you ask me for it every time From now on I guess I'll save my breath I'm tired of beating this horse to death I'm running out of empathy for you You'll never change and there's nothing I can do I tried so many times to get it through your brain When you do the same shit once again it's always ends the same But off you go to make the same mistake And wonder why this time things didn't go your way I tried to see things through your eyes Even when I know your blind
It's just something that you can't explain You want to live and die on memory lane Out with old what a shame You're just carrying a torch that bares no flame Lurking in the shadows hoping for a glimpse Of any sight or sound so you can reminisce Life moves too fast look at all that you missed You act like you are better off That it never mattered and you're glad you're gone But we stayed The show must go on and on
Living this lie, I'm screaming in my head Let me know if you find any confidence Because I could use it All I find is sabotage instead of pride Light's so bright when I just want to hide Just say goodbye Lay down and die "Everyone feels this way sometimes" But it's not ruining their life Every day I feel more behind When I second guess myself it takes me three tries I can't stand my reflection It's my worst enemy staring at me
I won't accept or tolerate Your arrogance or righteous ways You let me down there's no more to say As I wipe the spit off my face I dare you to look my way Or run your mouth or say my name I'm growing tired, patience worn thin All I need is one reason If I've learned one thing I've seen it so many times In the end you'll get what's yours And it will be justified You had your chance and threw it all away You should really know by now What more can I say? Fuck you Can you hear me? Fuck you You better listen
Fuck it all I'm signing off I'm out of words, I'm at a loss The time I spent and what I wasted On someone that I should have hated You were just like them you came and went When I used to think this was permanent A part of the past, just a memory You became a line in the songs we would sing The one thing that I still hold true I only want the worst for you I'd love to stop your heart with the knife I made It's been set aside with your name on the blade Taking your life would mean nothing to me We're just strangers that share the same memories Heartstopper


released August 19, 2019

All songs written by Heartstopper.

Mixed by Isaac Hale

Mastered by Jim Barron

Art by Jonah / Enroht Design


all rights reserved



Heartstopper Louisville, Kentucky

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